Pokemon GO! in Invercargill

when something good was about to happen, corey was on the scene.


Pokemon GO! launches in New Zealand, one of many few places in the world where the game is tested out first. Corey reports on a local group of kids and adults who are getting stuck into the game.


this release was made after my request to make the Stupid Morning Bullshit programme a short news item on this game coming to my hometown. they told me to send them video of it, but i went all out on it.

3 min // shot & edited in 50p1080
shot: Invercargill, NZ

year of production: 2016
online release

as seen on [adult swim]’s Stupid Morning Bullshit programme

camera & edit:
corey fuimaono

contains coarse language – this is the full report – a shorter version was played on [adult swim].