a man who made some scrambled eggs - were they any good?


Tyler Baikie is late-night gaming again and is feeling peckish for a small and freshly cooked batch of scrambled eggs.


This short was made as part a paper which required students to make a short sequenced film around particular human interaction, be it with people or objects, with a certain number of shots needed to film the piece. Given that this was not a major component of the assessment, there was more than enough leg-room to be playful and humourous with it.

3.5 min // shot & edited in 1080p
shot: Invercargill, NZ

year of production: 2015
film festival release

officially selected as part of [adult swim]’s Inaugural FishCenter International Film Festival 2015 program.

director, producer, cinematographer & editor:
corey fuimaono

Tyler Baikie as Himself

contains coarse language // this is the full short, ripped from the film festival live stream.